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Automotive Transmission Services

Automatic Transmission Overhaul

technician working on classic mustang

An automatic transmission overhaul requires your existing transmission to be removed from your vehicle, disassembled, and then it is rebuilt by replacing the old and warn parts with new ones. Once reassembled, with new parts, new seals, and new gaskets, your transmission is reinstalled it into your vehicle, filled with transmission fluid, and road tested to check for proper operation. You keep your original transmission, and it works like new. The overhaul can take anywhere from 6 days to a couple weeks depending on the availability of the needed parts.

Automatic Transmission Replacement

Replacing your existing transmission with an identical rebuilt transmission can save you a lot of time. We can remove and replace your existing transmission, and make the necessary adjustments in about half the time. This means you get your car back sooner, and with no more transmission problems! When you call, we can let you know if we have a rebuilt transmission for your vehicle in stock.

Automatic Transmission Servicing

automatic transmssion servicing

Servicing your transmission includes replacing transmission fluid, transmission filter, and any needed adjustments. With your transmission pan removed, we will inspect your transmission for signs of wear, that may create potential problems for you and advise you of them. We also check for proper shifting, backup light switch adjustment, shifter adjustments, and passing gear adjustment as part of our automatic transmission service.

Automatic Transmission Repair

65 Thunderbird

Many things can go wrong with a modern transmission, such as modulators, sensors, vacuum lines, cables, bushings, and computer modules. We can diagnose which components are causing you problems, and replace them, to get you back on the road quickly.

When your transmission is not shifting right or slipping, the best thing to do is schedule a transmission diagnostic test, and find out what the problem is. Don’t take the shortcut approach of just changing the transmission fluid, or pouring additives into your transmission.

Automatic Transmission Flush

A Transmission Flush can be performed without removing your transmission, from your vehicle. The biggest advantage to a Transmission Flush over a transmission fluid change, is that we are removing the all old fluid from the cooler, your radiator, your torque converter and your transmission. It is a more complete process that extends the life of your transmission because you are running cleaner transmission fluid. Ask us about a Transmission Flush for your vehicle today.

Automatic Transmission Leak Repair

Are you noticing pink transmission fluid in your driveway? Transmission fluid leaks don’t fix themselves. In fact, they tend to get worse when you ignore them. A small leak can suddenly become a big one that you can’t ignore. If you are noticing transmission fluid drips in your driveway, make an appointment to bring your vehicle in for an inspection. We have a number of ways to determine were the leak is coming from. Many times we can fix the leak without removing your transmission from your vehicle.

Automatic Transmission Computer Diagnostics

Technician Using Computer

Electronically controlled automatic transmissions use a specialized computer, and a series of sensors to let the computer know what your vehicle is doing. These sensors can wear out, and sometimes even the computers fail. We can test your electronic transmission’s computer system (CPU) and sensors, to determine which ones are causing your transmission problems.

Torque Converter Replacement

In an automatic transmission the torque converter functions as the “clutch” between the engine and the transmission. When the torque converter fails, your vehicle will not move. When it is failing you may experience “shuddering” which is the torque converter engaging then slipping, rapidly and repeatedly. Replacing your torque converter does require removing your transmission from your vehicle, so this a good time to go ahead and do a transmission service or flush.

Differential Rebuilding & Repair

rear differential cutaway view

Differentials are very tough but they do eventually wear out. There are a number of components to your vehicle’s differential, sometimes referred to as a rear end. Some differentials contain clutches, and all of them have axles and axle bearings, which are subject to wear. The main components of the rear end are the ring and pinion gears.

Rear End Gear Swaps

Swapping the gears in your with different ones, involves removing the driveline, rear wheels and axles, and splitting the rear end, removing the old gears, and installing the new ones. It takes real skill to get the replacement gears properly aligned, so this is not something you should attempt yourself. The differential has to be carefully reassembled in order to prevent leaks. Then we reinstall the axles, attach the wheels, and fill the differential with gear oil. Gear oil is a special lubricant that is different from engine oil, or automatic transmission fluid.

Install Positraction Rear Ends

For high-performance vehicles, you can improve your rear wheel traction with the installation of a positraction unit. There are two type of Positraction, one called “limited-slip” differential and they other is a full locking differential, where both rear wheels always turn the same amount. Bring your performance vehicle in and let us show you how a positraction rear end can give you better traction.

Transfer Case Servicing

four wheel drive truck in desert

4-wheel drive vehicles utilize a transfer case to apply torque to your front wheels. This allows power to the rear wheels and the front wheels at the same time. Just like differentials, transfer cases experience wear, and require regular servicing to help them last longer. If you’re not able to engage your 4-wheel drive, schedule a time to have it checked by our 4-wheel drive specialists.

CV Joints

Front wheel drive vehicles have some different components than rear wheel drive vehicles. Because the front wheels are pulling the vehicle, as well as steering it, CV joints are required to allow the wheels to turn left and right. CV Joints, which is short for Constant Velocity Joints, are complex and have to be strong enough for hard acceleration, yet flexible to allow you to steer.

CV joints are protected from debris by a flexible covering known as a boot. Regularly checking the boot for wear helps keep your CV Joints clean and extents their lifespan. When CV joints begin to wear, they will start making noises, particularly when turning. Do not ignore those noises. We recommend visually inspecting the CV boots on a regular and consistent schedule.

Driveline Balancing

If you are feeling a vibration when you are going down the road, and you’ve had your tires balanced already, you may have an out of balance driveline. The faster you go, the faster your driveline spins, so it needs to be perfectly balanced eliminate vibration. If you suspect that your driveline might be out of balance, make an appointment for us to check it for you.

U-joint replacement

U-joints connect your drive line rear differential and to your transmission. Needle bearings in the universal joints, make a clicking sound at low speeds, when they are failing. Another symptom of failing u-joints is a unusual clunk when you put your transmission in gear. When you hear unusual noises, schedule a check up for your car, so we can find the problem.

Clutch Replacement

Clutch And Pressure Plate Close-up

If you have a manual transmission, you already know that the clutch allows you to be able put your vehicle in gear while the engine is running. Those smooth shifts are because your clutch is slipping against the pressure plate. That slippage is what wears your clutch out. The less you slip your clutch, the longer it will last. When you you need a new clutch, just give us a call, we can get you back on the road fast. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with our service and our prices.

Clutch Adjustments

As you clutch wears, you may need to have minor adjustments made to maintain your clutch performance. We are clutch adjustment specialist, so we can get your clutch readjusted quickly for you. Schedule an appointment today!